Separation and Divorce is difficult for everyone involved. Sometimes, however, parties can terminate their relationships amicably and limit the amount of legal fees spent if they are able to resolve the matter by negotiating a separation agreement and, in the case of legally married couples, filing for an uncontested divorce. MRK Law seeks to provide the advice you need to help you move on while limiting the damage and harm to everyone involved. Mina personally handles family law matters relating to:

  • Uncontested Separation and Divorce
  • Providing Full Financial Disclosure
  • Marriage Contracts
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Separation Agreements
  • Foreign Divorce Opinion Letters

Negotiating separation agreements and proceeding with an uncontested divorce, while ideal for many, is not always the appropriate means of terminating a relationship. In cases where parties cannot come to agreements on custody of children, division of property, and child and spousal support arrangements, parties will likely need to resort to dispute resolution such as mediation, arbitration or a court application. If there is a history of abuse or domestic violence, negotiating a separation agreement and filing for an uncontested divorce application may not be appropriate.